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After a few minutes she just kept on walking - but she actually watched me masturbate for a good while and shes FINE looking, skinny almost jailbait ish body but clearly a MILF with a really nice ass, and B cups at most.

Now im sitting her masturbating planning on flashing/putting on a show every time she walks by - she wasnt even startled - clearly she saw me and was enjoying that a young guy like me was getting off hardcore to her walking by in tight jeans and cold-clothes (so not really that revealing but godfuckme shes hot and just the fact taht she saw me and I kept going - both knowing turns me on so fucking much).

It started with just calling her names like slut and bitch and whore.

Then she would tell me to hurt her, she was tough and could take anything I would give her. She told me every detail about guys she was fucking.

No matter how bad I would get, it just turned her on more.

I am well trained using basic obedience training (basically walking on a and all kinds of commands), light bondage, nipple clamps, etc., and I’ve been punished so far with riding crops, cutting boards, belts,…What can I do to please my master, what lessons will help me to find into my role as a sub?

I would be grateful for an experienced Dom(me) to help me with my issues through punishment or additional training. I confess that I chatted with a younger girl online.

This just turned me on more and made me say stuff like... Could I pick her up after school and fuck in my car? Instead of going inside, I changed in my car in the front seat.

What if I put a collar around your neck and walk you around naked with a ? The back windows are tinted, but the front ones are not.

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