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FUNAI seeks to protect these uncontacted tribes, as well as other indigenous people of the Amazon river basin, with infrequent flyovers, checking to see if they’ve moved locations or if loggers are illegally encroaching on their lands.But in Amazonian countries with fewer resources to police the region, like Peru – home to some 15 identified uncontacted tribes – conservationists struggle to protect the region and its isolated inhabitants from loggers and prospectors.Others may have never had an interest in the first place, championing their independence.These tribes can avoid the outside world largely because of their geographic isolation in some of the most remote corners of the planet.

And just off the coast of the Andaman Islands is North Sentinel Island, home to the Sentinelese, a group that attacks just about anyone who comes ashore.

Unfortunately, environmental destruction and exploitation – such as clearing forests for timber and farms – put many of these cultures at great risk.

Survival International, the Brazilian government’s FUNAI (National Indian Foundation), and other advocacy groups seek to protect vulnerable tribes without interfering with them.

Unfortunately, their isolation means they’re susceptible to diseases from the outside world.

It’s part of the reason why anthropologists and indigenous-rights advocates support their continued isolation.

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