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Icy conditions on the roads, widespread crashes, all the good stuff.Lady calls in and complains about a suspicious substance on the road that made her car slip.Police have arrested a teenage boy after a 38-year-old woman was attacked with a cordless drill in a suspected homophobic assault.The victim suffered a 'very serious' head injury and is in a critical but stable condition in hospital, police said.She was driving too fast to see what it was but insisted that something strange was afoot.""Yesterday morning was a cold one in my area.Icy conditions on the roads, widespread crashes, all the good stuff. It was clear outside, had been for weeks and remained that way for weeks afterward.”“I’ve had the guy call in because he was looking at weather radar and said that law enforcement, NOAA, and the CIA were covering up the fact that the storm he was looking at was going to destroy the city."Male was arrested for domestic battery, called 911 from the backseat of the patrol car and stated he was being unlawfully imprisoned.

Officer attends, there is indeed a male trying to ride said moose.

Officers are continuing to examine the scene and a worker was pictured washing blood stains from the pavement.

Detective Sergeant Brian Reid said: 'This was a brutal attack and the injuries sustained by the victim are extremely grave.'We are exploring a possible homophobic motive for the crime and we are appealing for witnesses to get in touch with us.

It's a harrowing job, but these moments provided some levity.

Click through to see some of the weirdest 911 calls ever received.

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