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In 1940, Britain stood alone against the might of the German war machine.Churchill produced the words that stirred the Blitz spirit, but a Nazi invasion seemed inevitable.In the 1920s, Imperial Britannia was sliding from view and a more modern Britain tried everything new and asked endless questions about how we should live our lives.A great new age of experiment arrived in politics, writing, art, sex and drugs.The pakistani corp commander does not want to have them as pows and has decided to execute them.They are asked what they wish to have for their last meal.The president controlled his temper and remained silent.

Marr's story of 'the people's war' begins with the defeat that came to define modern Britain's national spirit: Dunkirk.

I only mentioned elections to make my job easier.'' What do you mean? You did not have to come all this way to have your teeth attended to. In Islamabad we are not allowed to open our mouths, replied the No matter how many ways there are to describe a joke, the purpose behind telling one remains the same – to produce laughter.

We have been hearing the expression: Laughter Is The Best Medicine, for years now.

No sooner did people see their president with them they left the queue to return to their demand for the restoration of democracy.

One morning, while clipping the president's hair he asked: Gareeb pur war: When are you going to have elections in Pakistan?

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The president could not contain himself any longer and exploded: Gaddaar!

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