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This makes sense, as the middle finger is the “diddle” finger for most people, and wearing a ring on it could mean they are not using and therefore free to ornament that part of themselves, or so in love with their middle finger that they are monogamous to it.Whether they’re into identifying labels or not, it means that you shouldn’t be trying to shag them unless you are a masochist.Still, there are some guidelines from trend-setting areas of the world, and well established jewelry and ornamentation traditions that folks adopting the black ring thing may want to be aware of.Before we begin, let me say that goths and rockers, as well as many Mediterranean women, like to wear black and accessorize accordingly.Because the “sign of the horns” may mean The Horned One, or “I’m horny,” though, it may mean that the guy is willing to shag your wife or girlfriend and let you watch. A black onyx stone could mean mafia connection, or that the person is very confident or trying to increase their confidence. A black ring with a real ruby, especially a star ruby is likely worn by a spiritual polyamorous person who is aware of ruby’s filtering properties.

Many though, stick with the black ring theme, but wear a black bridal set on the right ring finger, and also maybe their normal one on their left ring finger.There doesn’t seem to be any agreement on the exact shape except that many like the heart with the infinity symbol running through it.Some find this somewhat tacky or scary and implying that one is searching (desperately) for love though, so they’ll opt for just an infinity or infinite loop type styles.Because of the afore mentioned palmistry issues, certain people or groups have different codes or tendencies.Alpha type women of varying alternative scenes tend to wear rings on their index fingers, as do sorcery inclined men. So if you see a guy with black rings on both his index and pinky fingers of either hand, he may be a male witch, sorcerer, or at least occultist. A ring with a black stone may mean something too, depending on the details.

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