United States Patent Inventor Helmut Schoenauer Kalkumer-Schlossallee, 4 Duesseldorf- Kaiserswerth, Germany Appl. It was thus necessary for the cutting operation on each compacted body to be completed before a fresh filling operation could be begun by retracting the rams applied to the sidewall and the cover.

27, 1968 Germany SCRAP SHEARING APPARATUS ,6 Claims, 6 Drawing Figs. 100/232 100/232 100/98 100/98 100/232 l00/232X 100/95 100/95 l00/95X y of scrap can be com- The invention relates to scrap shearing apparatus and a particular object of the invention is to reduce delays in shearing in the type of apparatus in which the scrap is compacted before shearing.

first transfer means which cause said compacted body to be transferred from said preconsolidating box to said guide box; d.

second transfer means which cause said compacted body to move in a stepwise manner within said guide box; and e.

a preconsolidating box in which scrap may be preconsolidated to a compacted body, said preconsolidating box having a movable lid, one movable sidewall and a base in the form of a slide or shutter for discharge of the compacted body; b.

When the hydraulic rams are retracted, the space for filling in the loose scrap is free and the scrap is then reduced to the required dimensions of the compacted body corresponding to the space B by operating the rams.

The base 4 of the preconsolidating box A does not take the form of a fixed component but of a slide so that it can be withdrawn upon completion of the preconsolidating operation and the preconsolidated body can be allowed to pass into a second box C, located immediately below the box A, at one open end of which are positioned the scrap shears D which preferably take the form of guillotine shears and comprise an upper blade 7, which moves vertically downwards, and a fixed lower blade 8. 2 shows the loading or open position of the precon solidating box A in which the sidewall 2 is retracted and the cover 3 is swung up.

B301) 15/08 Field of Search 100/39, 94, 95, 98, 218, 232; 83/(lnquired) References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 6/1956 12/1958 4/1964 7/1964 11/1960 10/1961 8/l962 1l/l966 2/1968 Thompson Thompson et al. Whilst shearing takes place a further quantit pacted in the preconsolidating box'.

Findlay Williamson Primary Examiner-Billy J Wilhite Anameywilliamson, Palmatier and Bains ABSTRACT: Scrap shearing apparatus in which scrap is first compacted in a preconsolidating box, the compacted body of scrap then being automatically transferred to a guide box from which it is moved incrementally under the shears.

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In a preferred embodiment of the invention, the base of the preconsolidating box is in the form of a slide or shutter disposed above the guide box, theslide or shutter comprising the means causing movement of the compacted body to the guide box.

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