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Instead of hearing thoughts that limit your life, he offers exercises and advice on how to drop the roles that wrongly define us and tap into what really matters.

"Then we can stop sweating the small stuff and concentrate on living the most meaningful existence possible," he writes.

Randy Spelling grew up in a mansion in Los Angeles where he could play hide and seek and never be found.

The 56,500-square-foot chateau - larger than the White House - had another 16,000 square feet of attic space.

He also could get lost in the fantasies of Beverly Hills and Hollywood, and he says, drugs and alcohol addictions, made possible by his father, Aaron Spelling's unparalleled success in television.

Aaron Spelling was the producer of a string of hits, from "The Mod Squad" and "The Love Boat" to "Charlie's Angels" and "Beverly Hills 90210," which starred Randy's sister Tori Spelling.

And don't miss , a brand-new HGTV series (beginning this Sunday) that chronicles the penthouse's design and construction from the very beginning.

In the 2007 reality series, "Sons of Hollywood," Randy Spelling appeared with his childhood friend David Weintraub.

We got Mama Spelling leaving Madeo in We Ho Tuesday night and asked her about the k lawsuit Amex filed against Tori for nonpayment.

In a rare moment of candor, Candy opened up and said she foots all the bills for Tori's necessities of life, but she's not about to pay for her extravagances.

Now, when he returns to Los Angeles, he finds the hasty pace of the road to money and fame unsettling.

He counts the time until he can turn in his rental car and return home.

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