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This consolidation will also allow us to: better serve you and your furry family members by extending our office hours on Thursday to 5 pm and on Monday and Wednesday to 7 pm; offer more complete and uninterrupted veterinary care; and assemble a larger support staff to accommodate our increased hours of operation.Those of you who visited our Norwalk office know that the facility is an older structure.In recent decades, advancements in cellular preparations, molecular biology, and neurogenetics have revolutionized the study of consolidation.Providing additional support is the study of functional brain activity in humans which has revealed that the activity of brain regions changes over time after a new memory is acquired.

We understand that this move may be inconvenient to those of you who live closer to our Norwalk location, but we will do everything possible to help minimize that inconvenience.

We truly appreciate your understanding and hope that you will continue to utilize our hospital for your pets' medical needs.

We look forward to continue to serve you and provide the same excellent quality care for your pets that you've come to expect from us.

and occurs within the first few hours after learning, and systems consolidation, where hippocampus-dependent memories become independent of the hippocampus over a period of weeks to years.

Recently, a third process has become the focus of research, reconsolidation, in which previously-consolidated memories can be made labile again through reactivation of the memory trace.

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