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In the past I had some Russian/Ukrainian girls friends,so - of course by the help of a good translator as well - I have understood that Heidi isn't longer interested in porno/hardcore scenes and, according to her projects she is very into glamour and she is working hard - with her own financial resources as well - to become a glamour or soft erotic model.

I know only that in Italy most models who have made a calendar can often totally change their careers and I truly hope that Heidi will find soon good " sponsors " able to pay her transfers , and, above all, to develop her a look at this video is an excellent calendar which photos were taken At "L'isola D' Elba " in Italy.

Just noticed that she has a tattoo on the back of her neck. That's why I am convinced there's still something in the pipeline.yes, you are totally right, Heidi can only improve her already excellent professional skills, but, of course, also needs to be her to make the right choices.

As inkings go, it is quite pretty and it is clearly not a vanity tattoo is it is hidden by her long hair. Her videos at Whiteboox are simply awesome, but, as far I am concerned I like her both all glamorous and like the classical next-door girl.

I guess we won't be seeing any more hardcore from her.

So far I know she made 5 BJ scenes (source: indexxx, twitter), so there will be one more in the schedule. Regarding the movie - Diesel ( tends to release video about 2 weeks after 'trailer' (movie stills). Vanessa's BJ video is 3 years old and can be considered a 'vintage', 'archive' or 'filler' material with different rules for release. I was expecting april, let's wait till may then :)There may be another photo set or video on thewhiteboxx, I was bouncing around the site and saw 2 different videos with her.

Alternatively you can visit and scroll down to reply from Wow Sasha @ July 30th, 2015 mentioning "few more" which can be understood as "more than one".

Vanessa-Heidi really let's go and breathes heavily,jerks her body and whimpers and shouts because of the intense pleasure of her orgasms. The film ends with a short interview by Kiki: She interviews Heidi-Vanessa, Sindy Black and Paula Shy. At that time three BJ videos were up and two weren't published yet.

I thought she has drawn a thick line behind that career. Since it appears to be official twitter account with fresh informations / photos I suggest to replace old @Heidi Romanova with it. Out of curiosity, how much time it has taken to read the particular paragraph? Eu Ross(ano) from Milano is one of the few photographers who is able to capture her full potential.

I like Heidi's old innocent/auburn look or her vamp (whiteboxxx) look but the 'curly something' inbetween those extreme roleplays needs some tweaking in my opinion.

Thanks a lot for the link that you have suggested me.

Kiki-Yonitale QUOTE: I'm very glad to present you a beautiful story about little shining miracle Vanessa.

I have never met true slow reader before so I am naturally curious. It's visible from recent calendar or from Heidi's early work (from fashion to glamour). On the other hand for some reason Heidi's METart, Playboy, Virtugirl, etc appearances ended up tad' stereotype. Which is bit boring on the long run if the career is aimed only glamour appearances.

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