Risks of sedating

A pulse oximeter is therefore required on a continuous basis to provide the earliest warning of hypoxia, while respiratory functions must also be monitored by observation of spontaneous breathing activity.For patients with increased risk for developing cardiac dysrhythmias during sedation, continuous electrocardiographic monitoring is recommended.To avoid these risks, dentists use the lowest effective dose of the sedative agent chosen to best suit their patient needs.

Before agreeing to sedation and anaesthesia of your horse, it is important that you understand that the use of all sedative and anaesthetic drugs may involve risk to the patient.Over sedation can lead to significant depression of the cardiovascular or/and respiratory functions, causing severe complications and even death.Patients under oral sedation must be continuously monitored to prevent any risks associated with oral sedation medications.Sedation may be necessary to ensure animal welfare, pain relief and safety.All sedative procedures of horses have the following potential complications: anaphylactic ("allergic") reaction, collapse, excitement, iatrogenic injury.

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