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I have read other guys reviews on here, just don’t take rejection so hard boys play the game for what RSVP site is designed for. So both parties now know each other's surnames when we have yet to meet !!

I have been receiving contacts I have met on RSVP onto my Facebook under' people you may know'!! I wrote to RSVP with no satisfactory answer as yet. au took my money for a 3-month membership, then after barely 30 hours online they decided to disable my profile. I simply used an encrypted and private web browser - Tor Browser - to access my profile!

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He complains about his friends not noticing him and he wonders if anyone would notice if something happened to him.

After trying to cheer him up as any kind person would do he doesn't care.

Before his sob story he agrees to a date, but never showed.

A fax sent to the CEO of Fairfax Media (the owners of au) requesting an escalation to senior management at RSVP for resolution remains unanswered.A Pay Pal dispute has been lodged but at the time of writing, RSVP has not answered the dispute email.RSVPs Terms & Conditions appear significantly biased against the user/member and in favour of RSVP, which may infringe Australian Consumer Law. They also refuse to provide a phone number to allow aggrieved members the opportunity to speak with a real person, and probably for good reason - an internet search reveals a large volume of complaints against RSVP.He lures you in with a kind soul who plays with toy figures and he'd be ever so grateful if you could understand, he sends pictures of himself saying he wants you to see him and wants you to believe he is a genuine guy. He is a former fat person who found their true narcissistic ego when he lost weight.He complains that no one notices him and girls look through him because of his looks.

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