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Meanwhile, her runway look, basically Pippi Longstocking's Alabama cousin, wasn't much in and of itself, but Cracker continues to sell her questionable oddball choices with visionary oddball runway walks that seal the story.In many ways, she's unlike anything we've seen on the show before, and when gunning for the crown that often comes in handy.Aquaria is now officially the only queen to have actually won a challenge who has yet to fall into the bottom three, and while she was merely safe for this one, the fact that she wasn't completely overshadowed by her partner Eureka was a feat in and of itself.We just wish she would have kept the baby voice in tact throughout the entire segment.

Asia is still upset that she wound up in the bottom despite helping out every single other contestant with their Mars couture.

Yet so far this season, Cracker is the only queen who has been singled out among the top in four out of the five episodes.

In such a topsy-turvy season where queens' fortunes ebb and flow, that's not for nothing. While other queens went for instant jokes in their "Bossy Rossy" segment, Cracker and Mayhem executed a joke with legs that really paid off.

We thought for sure it was between those two until Kameron came out looking every bit a butch military queen straight out of a video game. We were almost sure Ru would use it as an excuse to finally throw a bone to Kameron.

Alas, Vixen's choreography actually takes the day.

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