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Today I shall talk about this lady: She is Rui En, Lu Rui En. She graduated from NTU with a degree in banking and finance. From this, we can see that she has character because she knows what she want to express in her acting . Thus making her different from the other 6 princesses. Whenever she act in a drama, I would try to catch it.

She recently changed her chinese name from 芮恩 to 瑞恩. Just in case u don’t know, she is one of the princess in Mediacorp’s 7 princesses! But i think she is a good actress more than a singer.

Her fan club website has received many messages expressing concern over her sickness.

The club issued a statement yesterday saying "we were just as worried, so it's good that Rui En has taken time to update us although she had filming today".

"I've already gone past the phase that they are going through now, so I wouldn't compare myself with them and it irritates me when people compare me with them." After the interview, the 34-year-old suddenly raises the subject again on his own accord.

"Could you explain to me why journalists want to ask that question?

Her statement yesterday shows she still has yet to pull herself together after the brouhaha over the incident."I am sure you understand the toll stress and pressure can take on one's physicality (sic)," she wrote.

Elvin Ng and Rui En continue to reign as Popularity royalty so the results are making us yawn…. Rui En as Ou Ke Lu, Elvin Ng as Song Ya Zai in Code of Honour 2.

Jesseca Liu as Yang Min Fei, Christopher Lee as Wu Guo En in The Oath Vote for Rui En and Elvin in Favourite On-Screen Couple category here!

Currently, she is staying at Clementi (think so if i nv rmb wrongly) with her father and stepmum. She has refrain herself from acting intimate dramas (kissing, hugging, nude etc.). She don go for fame cos she rather wan to be a nobody.

Perhaps that is the reason why she chose this line over banking and finance as her career.

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