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One reason for not gaining sufficient size, is a lack of protein, and this can often be attributed to the inconvenience associated with correct meal timing and planning: supplements will help in this regard.A good whey protein supplement (shown to be the most effective) will supply around 30 grams of protein if mixed with milk. Indeed, the importance of protein can not be overstated.Also, there is a belief that training aerobically will deleteriously impact on muscle growth. In fact, there are certain universal truths every bodybuilder should know.As will be shown in this article, aerobic training can be a valuable tool when aiming to increase mass. The following are guaranteed to improve anyone's physique.

Most of today's bodybuilders, and indeed athletes in general, know that protein is an important nutritional component.A fundamental requirement for anyone wanting to achieve size is to increase the amount of weight lifted from session to session.This increases the intensity of the session and ensures the muscles are subjected to sufficient stress, which will, in turn, elicits results.In fact, a plateau may ensue if the same intensity is applied to the muscles day in day out.A plateau will halt progress and could diminish results.

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Sleep also assists testosterone and growth hormone manufacture.

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