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If you want hardcore photos I really have no problem with that but they have to be with Woody.

He is the only one that I will shoot with without a condom other than paying some high priced male model to come out here from LA or New York to shoot a set of photos and maybe one movie scene.

Here is your chance to do a movie scene with me, but you will have to bear your own expenses to come to Las Vegas and pay your own way.

You would also have to be STD tested within 2 weeks of coming here and you have to bring the test results with you. Feb 12th, 2015 Another long wait for a new newsletter.

Had to put a wire fence around the garden because my German Shepard got into it and tore it up. I am planning another trip to Cancun in early July. I may or may not announce my retirement from professional photo shoots.

It should be pretty hot down there at that time of year. Deauxma was here a few weeks ago and we went to see and dance to my favorite band, Yellow Brick Road. No, I do not plan on total retirement as long as I have fans that want to see me, my photos and videos, I will stay active in the adult business.

He took all the tests that his cardiologist wanted and everything turned out fine.

Woody was in a coma for three weeks and when he was able to breathe on his own, the doctors brought him out of his coma.Until next time be happy and make someone else happy. Minka March 1, 2016 Another long time between newsletters.I have been out of country a few times with my latest trip being to Hawaii. It is a good tournament and I am thinking about putting my own team together for next years’ tournament. I was also in Cancun and Jamaica, my two favorite places for relaxation, sun tanning, playing beach and pool volleyball, EATING and disco dancing followed by time in the hot tub. Love, Minka I just got back from 10 days in Jamaica.I know you all are probably sick of all the Cancun photos but after so many years of shooting for my website, I just don’t know what else to shoot. From now on all domestic orders will have a .50 PER ITEM shipping cost.All non-domestic orders will have a .00 PER ITEM shipping cost.

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