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The colour pattern in the rep cloth 26 j consists of weft stripes in four colours. 6 light, 6 dark alternately, in places 3 or 5 instead of 6; we. These colour stripes are similar to those on 28 g in the Birsay find. Weaving pattern, herringbone stripes do not follow the stripes of the colour pattern. The weaving mistakes are all unremarkable, commonly 2 warp threads running together, or loose warp threads caught down only occasionally. All the yarns are Z spun except one twill using S, and in the rep cloth there is a mixture of S and Z. Weaving pattern, herringbone stripes do not coincide with colour stripes; herringbone stripes of 9 or 5 threads between pieces of twill over 2 ¼ inss. Mid-brown cloth with single threads of green and red at one side arranged RBGBRBGBR. There is only one certain example of a patterned edge, where there are narrow herring-bone stripes and a dark- coloured stripe against the selvedge.

Dark brown, light brown, khaki-brown and red-brown; wa. Selvedge of light coloured threads, double in the outside 4 places. Weaving pattern, herring-bone stripes consist of 11-8 threads, between two there is no displacement. The fabric, the general shape and the side strings are comparable to the caps of the 16th century in the London Museum, though similar caps would probably last longer in the north. [The village of Dava is at the junction of the A939 from Nairn and the A940 from Forres, north of Grantown on Spey.] The relics were found, in July 1927, on a skeleton in the moss with a birch stick laid across the body. The long bones were very short and fragile, the length of the thigh bone indicating a height of under 4 ft. In the knitted cap from Dava the crown barely overlaps the edge of the brim, which has two pieces of cloth knotted through it.

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