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Thursday, State District Court Judge Susan Conway released the second of two depositions — pretrial statements — that Sanchez made to attorneys in connection with the sexual-abuse lawsuits.

The statement released Thursday was made in October 1994 and describes specific incidents and how the archdiocese did — or did not — respond.

The Cleveland Roller Mill Museum is located two miles northwest of the town of Mora. The entrance fee is per person, with daily tours at 11 am and 2pm.

To get there from Las Vegas, New Mexico, take State Highway 518 north to mile marker #31.

Sanchez Believed Warnings, Transfers Would End Sex Abuse By Jessie Milligan Albuquerque Tribune (New Mexico) March 20, 1998 FORMER ARCHBISHOPS DEPOSITION During the nearly 20-year tenure of former Archbishop Robert Sanchez, priests accused of molesting children were sometimes reassigned instead of being removed — no matter how shocking the allegations.

In a court document released Thursday — an October 1994 deposition — the former Archbishop of Santa Fe gave more detail about the extent of pedophilia in the Roman Catholic archdiocese and described a church that was sometimes slow to respond to allegations of molestation.

In the deposition, Sanchez defends his decision to transfer priests, saying he did not understand the extent of pedophilia and felt if he warned priests that they would not repeat the offense.

Still operated for demonstration purposes, it is the only mill of its size and kind restored to running condition in the Southwest.project partners have joined together to make sure LGBTQ survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and stalking can access civil legal assistance wherever they are in New Mexico.Project staff are dedicated to providing free civil legal services – legal advice, referrals and/or full attorney representation in court – to address the broad range of legal needs within the LGBTQ community.The Cleveland Roller Mill is a three-story, adobe building that has been used for milling flour since the end of the 19th century.It ran continuously for commercial production until the early 1940s.

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He also acknowledged he violated his own vows of celibacy by sexual or physical contact with 11 women during an 18-year period.

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