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I did not make the decision to carry a firearm lightly, especially at work, but I am curious – would you, as a manager, consider this a fireable offense (when there is no policy or anything like that against it)?Do you think it’s unethical of me to carry in the office without telling my employer?Just click on any live cam above and you will instantly connect to the sexchat.As part of our dedication to offer the best sex video chat online, we have added a huge range of features to our platform.According to state statutes, it is legal to carry in my building (default in my state is that it’s legal unless otherwise posted, with a few exceptions).Assorted employee handbooks and guides at my company make absolutely no mention of guns (though this could be due more to oversight than deliberation, since my company is fairly small).

Her rock hard stance that my firearm should be left in the car (which puts me back in the same position of being in the office and walking to my car alone) has led me to doubt myself.Although some people at my office are aware of my interest in firearms (I have a local range’s bumpersticker on my car), no one at the office knows I carry.In conversation with family recently, my mother, who has been fairly supportive of my efforts to get my permit and continued training, was horrified that I carry in my office.That said, it turns out that what I think is at odds with what the law requires in most states that allow concealed weapons.I ran your question by my father-in-law, a former Secret Service agent who now does security consulting (and yes, I do often wish for a Robert De Niro/Meet the Parents-style lie detector situation), and he told me something I never would have guessed: In nearly all states that allow concealed gun carrying, if an employer wants to prohibit employees from bringing guns into the workplace, they have to post clear notices to that effect throughout their workplace (and in some cases, these notices must contain specific language defined by law).

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