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Sexual censorship in Vietnam, however, is nothing new, as THR points out.

Under the country’s existing sexual content guidelines, many scenes from , for example, had to be cut for its theatrical run.

"Some shots are under a second," Van told , "but they are unbearable anyway." Nguyen Van Nhiem, head of Studio A Vietnam, argued that an erotic movie scene should be judged according to its production and artistic value, rather than arbitrary length.

The draft rule has also been criticized for only mentioning female nudity in its language, leaving observers wondering whether male nudity would be fully permitted, or hadn't even been considered due to sexism.

Another point of contention with the new guidelines is the fact that they touch on female nudity but say nothing of men.In addition to cracking down on sex scenes, the proposal seeks to introduce a new film rating system.One notable change would be the addition of a category for films only considered appropriate for those 18 and over for the first time.Viet Nam Net Bridge - According to Google's statistics, Vietnam was always in the top 10 countries, even ranked No.1 sometimes, in searching for the keyword "sex" in the 2008-2012 period.

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