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Although it is getting a bit long in the tooth it is highly recommended for long-time and new baseball fans.

The Roku box is a little computerized device that tunes in video streams available on the Internet and displays them on your TV. It sends audio and high-definition video to your TV display via HDMI.

Win Amp — mp3 player; the best player for files and Shoutcast audio streams; Win Amp is the friendly music player that is much easier to setup and use than i Tunes, Windows Media garbage, and others that completely take over your music files.

But the sound from the local radio play-by-play is not synchronized with the digitized video flashing across your television screen. Sometimes the radio will be ahead of the TV, other times the TV will be ahead of the radio.

You either hear an exciting play unfold only to witness the visual evidence 10 seconds later, or else you see it happen before the excited announcer describes it on the radio. If the TV is ahead of the radio and you have a DVR this is good news!

If you can't get that to stream reliably because your DSL bandwidth is insufficient, then don't waste your money on the Roku; it can't pull the video data faster than the DSL can stream it.

The instant you can ditch DSL and upgrade to cable or Fi OS, DO IT! There is no way that I can tell you how much delay there will be between radio and television, nor which will be ahead of the other.

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