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Some people believe dating someone even a year or two younger while in university, for example, can be a huge gap in maturity.Others believe dating someone who is a decade or more older is simply "too old."BS Factor: 8If your sex life is great, and the two of you engage in interesting conversations, have fun and connect on a deeper level, then age is just a number.

Personally, I’ve never been educated about the rules of relationships.

Side Note about Big Cities: When you get women’s numbers walking around (in NYC specifically), you need to present extremely high value otherwise you will only get flaky numbers.

This is because NYC is such a huge city that women have so many options for dating.

Below is my response to his post (side-note: this post was made in our super secret underground texting group reserved for paid members) These case studies are just a small segment of positive responses I have received to this technique. The Revival Technique loses its effectiveness the more you use it on any particular girl.

If you use the Revival Technique correctly, you’ll have more dates than you can handle on a consistent basis. (Although most dudes would welcome you to do it) P.

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