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* Wyvern's Lair - Sell your game convept to our publisher panel and the audience.

We bring you romance games that help you brush up your dating skills!

Hilarity ensues when the gift is stolen in this critically-acclaimed family adventure.

We have partnered with Cartamundi and Playtest UK to bring you a dedicated Publisher-Designer Track offering Playtest tables, game design and marketing seminars and panels, networking events and opportunities for budding designers to pitch their ideas to publishers.

Games Done Quick is a series of charity video game marathons.

Not only does have one of the quickest and most thorough signup processes of any dating site (a couple of minutes to answer important questions like “Do you want to have kids?

”) — but it also wastes no time in finding you dates as soon as your profile is created.

We also offer a Debut designers guide and of course affordable starter stands - see exhibitor guide.

There are other seminars and panels with a mainstream appeal in our seminar schedule.

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