Symantec endpoint protection management server not updating par dating sites

See my article on ensuring the Live Updates are going through: would initially download an update manually and that should get the definitions up-to-date, then monitor to see if they stay up-to-date. gid=savce Symantec Endpoint Protection: Live Update Troubleshooting Flowchart Live Update and content troubleshooting for the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager

page=content&id=TECH105924&locale=en_US I hope that would help. Sudeep Clients can be told where to get the updates from (a server on your netwoek or to use liveupdate).

I did notice that I had a couple machines that were not updated so I used the sylink drop on those and they seem to be ok now.

The upgrade to Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager 12.1.5 takes significantly longer than previous upgrades.

There’s a growing demand for qualified analysts who can make sense of Big Data.

With an MS in Data Analytics, you can become the data mining, management, mapping, and munging expert that today’s leading corporations desperately need. Everything is set accordingly but I still get a bog every day or so between my branch workstations and Symantec.

If I restart one or the other my internet connectivity goes back to normal.

I have installed the Symantec endpoint point protection.

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