Taurus man and scorpio woman dating matt cruzchy dating

Venus in Scorpio never has to worry about finding sexual partners; their sexual magnetism ensures this.They are very sexual, and usually become skilled at controlling their sexual urges as adults.The first secret to know about a Scorpio in love is that it does NOT refer to a sun-sign Scorpio person.Only someone with the planet Venus in Scorpio will be a “Scorpio in love.” (Venus Sign Calculator) Venus in Scorpio love is intense, loyal, passionate, deep, focused, private, dark and obsessive.They can wait a lifetime for the one they want; they don’t change their mind often.

People with Venus in Scorpio love so deeply and so intensely that they have a difficult time finding a partner who’s love matches their level of depth.Venus in Scorpio lovers are not attracted to flirting or casual hookups.This makes Venus in Scorpio probably the most faithful sign.Scorpio love is not lighthearted, nor playful, but rather heavy and serious.Many potential partners are turned off by such a heavy type of love.

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They lure you in with their mysterious animal magnetism.

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