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Instead they often lead to survivors deported, detained, or struggling with open criminal records.

But Dart and his allies hadn’t been having much luck targeting Backpage, where many workers migrated after they could no longer advertise on Craigslist.

Public shaming didn’t work, and attempts to shut down the site failed both legislatively and in the court system.

The Communications Decency Act of 1996 protects websites from being held responsible for outside content published by its users; attempts to amend or strike down this part of the law in Congress were fought as attacks on free speech, and the law remained unchanged.

I don’t see any increased sign up bonus on the personal version of this card unfortunately.

The biggest problem for most people will be hitting the minimum spend requirement, especially considering manufactured spending on American Express cards is ill-advised.

The last several years have been good to anti-sex work interests, who have successfully reframed their crusade from being against prostitution to being against “sexual slavery.” The political climate has shifted from the now unpopular War on Drugs to the War on Sex Trafficking, with harsh laws such as C-36 in Canada and the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act in the United States funding increased policing in the name of “protecting children” and “ending exploitation.” These laws and their advocates conflate consensual sex work with human trafficking, and in practice mainly target adult sex workers and their clients, making it harder for them to do business and stay safe.

Nor do these policies actually aid survivors of trafficking in the sex industry.

Keep in mind you’re not eligible for this bonus if you’ve received the card before.

Visa and Master Card are fine with doing business with the KKK, for example. Sex workers shouldn’t be the only ones who are concerned about this, even if few people seem to be concerned about sex workers.

Given recent events, it seems plausible that many cops may not have a problem with that, but it’s easy to imagine other kinds of speech they might not like. Innocent children, however fictional, are easier to drum up sympathy for than poor people finding ways to survive in a world that wants us to quietly die.

This bonus was offered last in mid February of this year, but the spending requirement as lower (,000 within first three and then an additional ,000 within the first six months), the time before that it had an even lower minimum spend requirement of just ,000 total.

That being said it’s still a 35,000 point bonus on an SPG card so I do think it’s worth considering if you’re eligible as the standard bonus is 25,000 and I’m not confident we will see anything bigger than 35,000 in the near future/ever. They are obviously useful for redeeming for hotels (and the cost in points is much different than other chains like Hilton) and can be transferred to airline partners at a 1:1 rate and also to Marriott at a 1:3 rate. If you’ve recently signed up for this card, ask to be matched with American Express.

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American Express had already pulled out earlier in the year.

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