Two friends dating experiment

[*SPOILERS AHEAD*] Walsh and Goodman spend the first half of their forty days navigating the uncomfortable space between friendship and romance.Barely a week after Walsh resolves to quit the experiment, the two have sex for the first time and by the time they head down to Disney World on Day 38 for their rules-mandated getaway, the two appear fully committed to each other.(MORE: Online Dating: Women Want Younger Men) In a word, the “40 Days” experiment is unrealistic.It’s hard to imagine two people beginning an exclusive relationship—one in which they see each other every single day—without even the slightest amount of physical intimacy (Walsh and Goodman don’t so much as kiss until Day 18). The website has received so much attention over the summer that Walsh and Goodman signed with talent agency CAA.The beautifully constructed website—which went live in mid-July—chronicles the experiment of two long-time friends fed up with the New York City dating scene who begin a relationship told through a series of daily blog posts.At first glance, the site looks like every trope of millennial life gone wild, the sort of narcissistic, Internet-addled behavior that leads to labels like the “Me, Me, Me Generation.” Weirdly, what has given the site such a following may not be its newness but that it has revealed something far more traditional.

Throwing out the Hollywood fantasies and giant cast who helped with the site, there is one more problem.

Though the dates themselves happened between March and April, the duo is releasing each day from now until Aug.

If you’re a twenty-something with access to the Internet, chances are that you or someone you know has been reading “40 Days of Dating” this summer.

Meet graphic designers Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman.

They are longtime friends with lots of things in common.

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The two describe themselves with perhaps the most obvious of romantic comedy tics: she’s the hopeless romantic; he’s scared to commit.

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