Updating epg

There will always be an error about corrupt EPG data.

If you are using Rytec's EPG data, forget Cross EPG.

Thanks, __________________ Sage TV Open Source v9 is available. Older PDF User's Guides mostly still apply: Sage TV V7.0 & Sage TV Studio v7.1. Turned out there was a problem with the internet connection. ) Since I was able to connect to the computer through local network, never suspected the obviuos -- computer for some reason lost connection to the internet.

- Hauppauge remote help: 1) Basics/Extending it 2) Replace it 3) Use it w/o needing focus - HD Extenders: A) FAQs B) URC MX-700 remote setup Note: This is a users' forum; see the Rules. This is the only way I know to fix the problem once Sage is in this state. Reconfiguring EPG lineup using the set up helped in discovering the internet problem. Gary I had the same problem with the EPG data not getting updated. What I finally found worked for me was changing epg/download_frequency=0 epg/download_offset=0 to epg/download_frequency= epg/download_offset= in the Sage.properties file and restarting Sage (after, of course, first closing it before making these changes).

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Epg is stored on usb Open TV providers is set to - Sky Uk Open TV (Astra2 on 28.2) Epg is set to update daily at 4am.

This is the same on all 4 of my boxes so whatever i have done wrong i have repeated it on each of them !!

Paragraph two: What does the log file say about the failure? I might be doing this wrong but now the box behaves itself and I have a full week’s EPG every day. There will always be an error about corrupt EPG data. For this to work, there needs to be a constant maintenance of the channel service references.

If you are using Rytec's EPG data, forget Cross EPG. EDIT: (This is probably why you are having to remove EPG) EPG Importer plugin: This only downloads EPG data from the internet. You can call this EPG data "Rytec EPG" Cross EPG Downloader: Cross EPG downloader can do two main things- @malcomp Do not use Cross EPG downloader and EPG importer together.

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