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It is quite intriguing how Windows 10 took off shortly after its announcement on the 29 of July 2015 and it is without a doubt that it’s the best Windows ever – which is what a sequel of any operating system should be anyway – unlike those that came before it (I’m looking at you Window 8/8/1).Microsoft currently boasts of over 200 million devices currently running its flagship operating system, which is a humongous amount if you ask me.Click the “Themes” button at the bottom of the “Customize” window to access them.The Default theme is pictured below (and in all the screenshots above).Notwithstanding, the market share of Windows 7 still surpasses that of Windows 10.Also check out the following articles to find out about our top Linux distributions of the year 20.If you want to reduce glare from your screen (and save a tiny bit of power if you have an OLED display), you can choose the Dark theme.

By default, Zorin OS is meant to look like Windows 7, but you have other options in the look changer which are the Windows XP style and Gnome 2.By default, Firefox on Windows 10 will switch to the “Touch” setting if you put the OS into Tablet Mode. To enable the bookmarks bar, click the “Toolbars” dropdown at the bottom of the Customize window, and then toggle the “Bookmarks Toolbar” option on.You can also enable the Menu Bar from this same dropdown.However, given the success rate of Windows 10 in the short space of time, we’d expect it’s usage share to eventually grow over the next few years to beat Windows 7 – just the same way the latter took over Windows XP.I like to attribute Windows 10 to “8.1 done right” particularly because it’s more or less a refined form of the latter – with still a lot of improvements under the hood.

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