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It has also been enhanced to send number of errors by response code and message for each transaction TCP Sampler now computes latency, see Bug 60156 Upgraded dependencies to last available versions bringing performance improvements and bug fixes Continued to improve the quality of our code and tests coverage.See Quality report More work has been done to better support Hi DPI.Documentations have been refreshed particularly: Now, JMeter 2.12 is compliant with Java 8.The Critical Section Controller allow to serialize the execution of a section in your tree.Groovy is now set as the default language for JSR-223 elements.If you want to use another of the supported language, you have to make an explicit choice.

The Cal DAV verbs (Calendar extensions to Web DAV) REPORT and MKCALENDAR have been added in the HTTP Request sampler.has been introduced which allows you to multiply pause times computed by Gaussian, Uniform and Poisson Timers by it.This allows you to update Think Times from one place and let you gain productivity.Only one instance of the section will be executed at the same time during the test.When download embedded resources is checked, JMeter now uses User Agent header to download or not resources embedded within conditional comments as per About conditional comments.

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