Updating tom tom go

Click "Update and Install" at the bottom right corner to upload the updates.

When complete, click "Done" if prompted to and then click "Eject." Disconnect the device from the computer when the battery is charged as well.

I am sick & tired of my Tom Tom not updating, or saying the map is corrupted and then my computer (with superfast broadband connection) taking an hour to download the update..to get a message on my Tom Tom at the end to say it still has no maps loaded.

Then there have been problems with inserting an SD card for extra memory and, even after formatting the card and using different sizes, have never worked.) Anyway, one question - is it possible to "do the mother of all resets" and how?

Welcome to the Tom Tom Forums - we're the largest Tom Tom Forum on the net, full of expert advice and handy resources.Normally I restarted the device again and my eyes noticed a very bad message: "NO MAP AVAILABLE.Add one or more maps before using the device" Below is a "add a map" button that does not function.Turn on the device once it is connected to a desktop computer system.Stand by until the Tom Tom Home main screen is activated.

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