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Even at the verge of death, she still tried chanting various combinations of verses in the hopes of finding something that could help her.

The Axiom Church was founded around 30HEC (100 years after the creation of Underworld).This command that she had found was one that took the administrator powers from Cardinal and transferred them to Quinella, allowing her to then use all the controls that administrators had access to, including the manipulation of «Life».Even after this act, Quinella's thirst for power was not satisfied and so she tried to eliminate the one thing that held equal authority to her, the Cardinal System, but accidentally ended up infusing it with her Fluclight.However, as no countries export weapons to Japan, Japan's defense technology has become too weak and, eventually, Japan had to buy new equipment from America.Although, formally, America is supposed to work together with Japan on developing new technology, but in reality, Japan has only been given outdated equipment.

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  1. Aside from promo impact (often bigger than full-page NYT, WSJ, or Esquire coverage, or primetime CNN), guests enjoy the show because it’s friendly, long-form, and they have final cut before audio is published.

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