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How to use this code copy the code given bellow, paste inside the Below is the javascript mobile validation regular expression, mobile validation javascript regular expression which is for checking 10 digit number,illegal characters and first number should not be 0.

A core primitive of Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies is the ability to sign data that can be verified by anyone. In Bitcoin you sign a transaction saying you want to give Sally 4 bitcoin.

If you go to ecrecover-example on github for the full codebase.

These rules make the address lower-case, trim leading zeroes, shorten runs of zero segments (e.g.

:0000:) as much as possible but not a single segment, and place the compressed zeros as far to the left as possible. Because of the complexity of the IPv6 address format, this test tool can help you avoid a permutation of the correct structure.

IT professionals who are planning for their IPv6 deployment can use the IPv6 test tool to pre-check i Pv6 addresses and confirm that their format is valid.

IETF publication RFC 5592 "A Recommendation for IPv6 Address Text Representation" describes a preferred text representation for an IPv6 address.

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