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The Column Changed, Row Changed and Row Deleted events are notification events that are raised when the update has finished successfully.These events are useful when you want to take further action based on a successful update.Because the dataset is part of your application (unlike the database backend), it's a logical place to build application-specific validation.The best place to add validation to your application is in the dataset's partial class file.If it's important that you catch an error immediately when a column changes, build validation by using the Column Changing event.Otherwise, use the Row Changing event, which might result in catching several errors at once.

In that case, the event is not raised until the End Edit method has been called, when the Row Changing and Row Changed events are raised just once.If you have not called the Begin Edit method, the Row Changing event is raised for each change to a column immediately after the Column Changing event has been raised.If you called Begin Edit before making changes, the Row Changing event is raised only when you call the End Edit method.For more information, see Turn off constraints while filling a dataset.The event you choose depends on how granular you want the validation to be.

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