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De toren lijkt hierdoor nog meer omhoog te rijzen en ook de geïsoleerde positie van de minaret wordt hierdoor benadrukt.Source: Brief synthesis At 1,900 m above sea level and far from any town, the Minaret of Jam rises within a rugged valley along the Hari-rud River at its junction with the river Jam around 215km-east of Herat.Built in 1194 by the great Ghurid Sultan Ghiyas-od-din (1153-1203), its emplacement probably marks the site of the ancient city of Firuzkuh, believed to have been the summer capital of the Ghurid dynasty.Surrounding remains include a group of stones with Hebrew inscriptions from the 11th to 12th centuries on the Kushkak hill, and vestiges of castles and towers of the Ghurid settlements on the banks of the Hari River as well as to the east of the Minaret.Description is available under license CC-BY-SA IGO 3.0 Haut de 65m, le minaret de Djam est une construction gracieuse et élancée datant du XIIe siècle.Recouvert d’une décoration complexe en briques et portant une inscription de tuiles bleues au sommet, il est remarquable par la qualité de son architecture et de ses motifs décoratifs, qui représentent l’apogée d’une tradition artistique propre à cette région.La belleza del sitio se ve realzada por su entorno espectacular: un profundo valle de imponentes laderas montañosas, situado en el centro de la provincia de Ghor.

Its impact is heightened by its dramatic setting, a deep river valley between towering mountains in the heart of the Ghur province.ويزداد أثرها أهمية بفضل المحيط المذهل الذي تقع فيه، لأنها في وادٍِ عميق مفتوح بين جبال شاهقة وسط إقليم غور.source: UNESCO/ERI Description is available under license CC-BY-SA IGO 3.0 Con sus 65 metros de altura, el minarete de Jam es una construcción esbelta y llena de gracia que data del siglo XII.This graceful soaring structure is an outstanding example of the architecture and ornamentation of the Islamic period in Central Asia and played a significant role in their further dissemination as far as India as demonstrated by the Qutb Minar, Delhi, begun in 1202 and completed in the early 14th century.Criterion (ii): The innovative architecture and decoration of the Minaret of Jam played a significant role in the development of the arts and architecture of the Indian sub-continent and beyond.

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