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Are you ready to let your wife have sex with someone else? [Read: Things to talk about in a perfect relationship] #2 Are you spicing up both your sex lives or is this an easy affair?Sleeping with another person outside the relationship isn’t all cute and sexy. Sometimes, a bad lover could use an excuse like this to have an affair right under your nose.If your wife wants to sleep with another man, would you be fine with that?

Well, sit down with your partner and give these questions and tests a serious consideration.[Read: How to talk dirty in bed] #2 Panic and anxiety. Well, that’s panic attack for you if both of you aren’t sure of what either of you want. Would you feel insecure if your wife has explosive sex with another man? If you or your wife wants to have sex with someone else, you’re not a mentally disturbed deviant.Some couples like the idea while some couples don’t. [Read: Understanding love and lust in a promiscuous world] So if you don’t like it, stay away from it instead of ruining your relationship. This woman was able to manipulate her husband to get an open marriage because she didn’t get her fill of sex when she was young.This intriguing confession from the husband was published in an op-ed piece for New York Magazine.

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For most couples, an urge to sleep with someone outside the relationship spells nothing but doom. Well, truthfully, we’re all unique and every relationship in the world, as perfect as it may seem on the outside, is still riddled with secrets and fetishes.

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